About us


We design software in three major areas:

  • E-Tutor, an internet-based framework for distance education; in connection with that we give technical advice about e-learning and develop digital curricula for our partners, publishers and tertiary educational institutions;
  • mobile applications, solutions in mobile content and services.


The E-Tutor is an integrated system aimed at providing a cost-effective and advanced solution for institutions organizing adult education and distance education without an adequate IT background.The system consists of three major subsystems: an external communication portal; an administration interface; and an e-learning system, which provides the full management of courses, and the possibility of making and publishing digital curricula and tests, and finally the online communication of students. The system is based on the ILIAS open source e-learning framework.

Our company is a co-founder of the Hungarian Ilias community.

We participate in several national competitions where we design digital material and tests for universities, colleges and other istitutions for adult education. Our most important partner is the National Textbook Publishing Co. (Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Zrt.) who ordered more than hundred digital textbooks from us.

Mobile applications

In 2011, we started developing mobile applications. We have development experience with all three basic platforms (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone). One of our most prominent development goals is to design content services and location-based services for mobile devices. We have now 12 full-time employees – developers, graphic designers, editors and technical translators – in our team. Furthermore, we work with 17 other technical translators (for English, German, French, Spanish, Rusiian, Serbian and Romanian), some native Hungarian and foreign narrators, 3 news editors and 1 marketing manager on an assignment basis.




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